On the 15th of May, SWO has donated 30 wheelchairs to Hospital Port Dickson, and 20 wheelchairs to Klinik Kesihatan Malaysia, Port Dickson.  

With the support of YB Ravi, ADUN Sri Tanjung, Deputy Speaker of Negeri Sembilan, and YB Veerapan, ADUN Repah and EXCO Kesihatan, Alam Sekitar, Kooperasi and Kepengunaan, SWO has made this event a success.

Group photo with YB Ravi & YB Veerapan, President of SWO and SWO Team, as well as Hospital employees at the end of the handover ceremony.

Ms Carol presenting the wheelchairs to Dr Khalili, Klinik Kesihatan Malaysia, PD. 

THANK YOU everyone who had contributed and supported SWO as well as making this event a great success!

// Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference //

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