What are the causes of Dirty Electricity?

The electromagnetic noise on our electricity supplies is increasing year on year. Recent 'innovations' that greatly increase the levels in our houses include CFL low energy fluorescent lights, induction cooking hobs and especially most solar panel installations.

The local DNO (electricity company that is responsible for the supply cables in that area) don't take any notice of DE. The first step in assessing the DE within your house is to measure how much dirty electricity is currently in your house. You can hire a Dirty Electricity meter from us by calling our office during our working hours, or you can buy one online or by telephone.

Typical causes of "Dirty Electricity include:
  • Solar System Inverters (converting DC power to AC power)

  • PLC Smart Meters (sending data over the powerlines by adding additional frequencies)

  • Wireless Smart Meters that add pulsed frequencies to the powerlines

  • CFL and LED Lightbulbs

  • Light Dimmer Switches

  • Electrical devices in your home and on the grid that have a switch-mode power supply (SMPS)

  • Wireless technology (all wireless frequencies conduct along copper wiring to some extent)

Health effects of Dirty Electricity

Research shows that dirty electricity is a chronic stressor and is correlated to many diseases and conditions including amongst others – cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insomnia, headaches, neurological disorders, arrhythmia, autism and even suicide. (Milham & Stetzer, 2013)


“‘Dirty Electricity’ can … be used to describe electric power that has become corrupted by our use of modern appliances. Items such as CFL bulbs, cell phone transmission antennas, power supplies for portable computers, cell phone chargers, dimmer switches, variable speed fans and many other electronic devices that require a transformer to convert the voltage will ‘dirty’ the electricity that enters your home. This form of dirty electromagnetic fields (EMF) is invisible to the eye, but has a biological effect on the human body and has been associated with a wide variety of illnesses.”

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