Dirty Electricity

SWO has been conducted numerous studies on Dirty Electricity, and also the biological effects of Dirty Electricity. SWO has then successfully completed its research on Dirty Electricity (DE) and has shifted its focus on creating and raising public health awareness on the biological effects of DE. SWO has also develop practical solutions on minimizing and mitigating the biological effects of DE on human body. 

Dirty Electricity or better known as electrical noise is a type of noise pollution that is plaguing Malaysians today. 


Electromagnetic Noise 

Also known as Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI) when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction.  

Dirty Electricity & Your health

Do you know that exposure to EMFs causes the body cells to produce stress proteins that are otherwise produced as part of the protective mechanism against toxins or environmental stressors? 
Yes, this is because the body considers EMFs as a threat. EMFs cause disruption in the communication between cells, thus affecting immune response, hormonal health, brain function, and sleep.

Assessing Dirty Electricity

One simple way to measure Dirty Electricity is by using a specially designed meter that gives you a number that is calculated from the noise frequency and amplitude. The higher the number, the higher the Dirty Electricity it is. 

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