Reduce your toxic load

By Nur Maisara

1. Eat Whole foods 

The major source of chemicals and toxins comes from our food. So we'll repeat this until the cows come home: Look for whole foods free of preservatives, conservatives, and coloring agents. If available, choose chemical-free and organic varieties. 

2. Find your toxic triggers

Toxicity is not a new problem. Long before we added the burden of human-made chemicals to our bodies, toxic buildup could occur from eating too many of the foods that don’t work for you. 

3. Use chemical-free cosmetics, body care, and 

    cleaning products 

Over the last few years, this topic has been written about extensively. We now have lots of companies that are creating chemical-free products. A single toxin is often not the problem, it’s the symphony of them interacting together.

4. Filter your water 

Water is a major source of toxins today. A recent study showed that 41 million Americans drink water contaminated with antidepressants, hormones, heart medications, and other prescription and over-the-counter medications that have made it through the water-treatment system. Add to that the chlorine, carcinogens from industrial and agricultural waste, and you’ve got some real messy stuff.

5. Do a seasonal Cleanse

Cleansing is not an afterthought for health, it’s essential in today’s chemical-laden society.

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