5G is coming but ...
"26,000 scientists oppose 5G Roll Out" due to it's health risk


- Principia Scientific International (PSI)


"Research shows low levels of mobile phone radiation can impact the brain & reproductive system."

- Environmental Health Trust


DIRTY Electricity is a form of harmful electrical energy that radiates into our home. It's a by-product of modern electronics and it is associated with auto immune disorder, inflammatory disease, sleeping problem etc

- Dirty Electricity.org


Use aluminium foil to gentle rub or press against your skin, especially your hands after long exposure to mobile phone. Our research found that  aluminium foil helps to remove the excessive heat trapped in the body caused by radiation. 

Our Arul Value Dirty Electricity Filter is portable and you can use it at home or at work. It is used to help reducing the ill health effects of dirty electricity by managing erratic fluctuation of existing electricity circuit.

Our Epigeno Cosmic Spray is made with Bischofite mineral that is 250 million years old, extracted from 2000ft below the earth. Bischofite helps repair cell damage caused by radiation exposure and it even has anti-wrinkles properties. 

You can use it to spray on your face or body 3 times a day or more to keep your face moisture and stay fresh.

Our Body Protection Shampoo series is specially formulated to help eliminate heat and radiation trapped in our body. It unclogs the skin pore, allowing the skin to breath better, as well as removes body inflammation.

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