YEAR 2020: A year with New, Positive habits.

People often say , to welcome a new year; First, you have to get rid of your old habits.

I learn one thing for the past 3 years. That is, to GET RID THE OLD HABITS that YOU have been carrying it with you since the day you born.


Cause if you do not get rid of the old habits, you will never come up in your life, every goals you set will just wash down the drain. YOUR OLD HABITS could be your thought process (E.g. Making thousands of assumptions and judgements towards a person), your attitude (E.g. The MYOB attitude, in short ignorance; Comparing; Jealousy; Ego; Cunning, Selfish), your diet (E.g. Junk Food, Fast Food, Not eating on time), your lifestyle (E.g. Staying indoor, Lack of exercise, etc.).

Now, get rid of your old habits to start fresh, and input new things to YOURSELF. Learn something that you have not learn, do something that you don’t (like to) do all this while. Trust me, you will see the difference and the changes in you.

I always believe in one thing “IT’S THE SMALL LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE”. Old habits are the little little things that we ignore and neglect all the time, thinking that “Oh… it’s just my old habit. It’s fine, does no harm.”

Well…. Better not think that way, cause these old habits will take a toll on you if you don’t change now. These old habits are the ones that hinders you to achieve what you want in life.

Instead creating new resolutions on the things we want or we desire, which most of the times we are not able to fulfill it, why not create a lists of “GOALS TO ACHIEVE 2020" — Things that you dont like to do, things you find it difficult to do, things that troubles you and you only like the easy way. Take all these NOs that you have created in you all these while, see it as a challenge, a test and exam, to push your limits, to discover your innate capability, to develop and horne new skills.

If you have achieve one of the lists, Congratulations! Achievement unlocked; But if you fail, don’t be sad. In fact be happy. Learn from mistake as you will get wiser each time you fail and learn.

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