Why Video Games are harmful?

Do you know that children who expose to video games for long hours will be mentally and psychologically affected? YES, they do. - Troy Sharif.

There are several reasons why playing video games is harmful, as you start sitting in one place for extended periods of time, developing mental conditions, clouding a person's judgment, and creating a dangerous addiction.

Your body will go into "hibernation" state; while your brain is in a state of alarm, panic, and challenge mode. Playing video games creates several mental disorders ranging from hyper attention (to certain things) to clouded judgment and drifting minds.

How Video Games can affect the brains?

Young adult males who played a violent video games extensively for 2 weeks had lower activity in important brain areas while attempting to control behavior compared to those who played no video games.


  1. Brain Activity From a psychological standpoint people will spend several hours sitting in one place both physically and mentally focusing on what is happening on the Television, computer screen, or any other type of monitor. While playing video games your brain will be in a state of panic because your brain cannot decipher the difference between a video game and what is happening in real life. All it sees is you are living and your neurons will send signals of war, violence, competitiveness, survival, etc. while in this state a person cannot accept losing; if they were to lose they would go into mood swings. Several times they will smash the controller, shout, punch objects, and go into rage mode. All because their brain is already set into a constant “war mode”. This not only has to do with a persons’ thoughts it actually correlates to involvement with other people, because most video games don’t involve team work it is in most cases I do my role you do yours or I don’t need help I can do this alone. This will affect people when it comes to group assignments and activities.

  2. Extended Play time Now let us talk about what happens to your brain after you play 4hours of video games. Since you have sat down for 4 hours your body will feel very relaxed almost as if you were asleep yet your brain has just fought in World War II. This already creates a contrast effect to your day. How does one perform 100% if their brain is in panic mode and your body is set to lazy? To put it simply you will have mental clouding, slow reactions, lots of confusion, make several mistakes that you normally wouldn’t, and above all else you wont be conscious of what you were doing. You would still be fully focused on those 4 hours of video games and what possible outcomes were to take place and what could happen next.

  3. Sleeping Sleeping after playing video games for an extended amount of time will lead a person to experience several unorthodox dream stages, because what a person sees in their day, will cause them to think and imagine. Having dreams is often a sign that your brain does not know it should be sleeping causing people to wake up feeling groggy, this will also interrupt your day. Several cases people have developed different sleeping disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.

  4. Thought process and Addictions When it comes to a person’s thought process it is in more times than not that a person will be only thinking about the video game that the person had played. So now the person starts to develop a craving to play that game and an addiction starts to develop. Any and every type of video can be addictive regardless of genre even basic games such as candy crush and slot machine games can be addictive. These addictions can even be classed next to drug addiction because once a person develops these they cannot go a day without it and that’s all they will think about. Other addictions can stem off of playing video games such as smoking to reduce stress levels.


  1. Lack of movement When you sit for extended amounts of time your body goes through several different processes all of which are damaging to you. First, your body will slowly start to slow down and soon go into a hibernation mode. When in this mode a person won’t be conscious of whether they are breathing or not, what is happening around them, basic needs they will even hold urine to finish a level even if they can pause the game.

  2. Blood and Muscles When referring to blood and muscles it involves what happens when your body goes into that hibernation mode, your muscles will be fully relaxed but your blood will pump faster due to raises and lowering of your heart which will react to what you see in the video game. A simple car crash will make your heart pump faster. If you die in the game or witness a jump scare the side effects are even worse. As your blood pumps faster with no body movement where do you think all that blood will go to? Its common knowledge that when your blood thickens you feels lazy and when it thins you have lots of energy. But what happens when your blood thickens and thins at a random but constant interval? All these are several topics one would not think about just because it’s a small “harmless” video game.

  3. Muscle Memory When it comes to muscle memory it basically means learning to ride a bike or learning to swim. The actions you made you will never forget though it may take some time to get the hang of it again, you will never forget how to do it. When playing games its similar to learning the controls those will never be forgotten I mean I still remember controls from GTA San Andreas which came out 15 years ago. The brain works as a muscle in a sense that it retains memories of past experiences; meaning the more games you play and the more time you spend playing the game it will program your brain and muscles to the state that is happening in the game even if you aren’t playing the game at the time.

  4. Always in a state of panic When I say always in a state of panic I mean to say what I mentioned before with muscle memory for example you play “Need for Speed” you will drive fast and reckless. You play “Tekken” you will never use your fight or flight capability; you will always fight either with hands or words. This will put you in a “State of Panic”.

  5. Radiation Radiation is everywhere so when it comes to this it is better to limit how much radiation you willingly take into your body for example playing on a PC let’s say Dota 2; the keyboard, the mouse, the headphones, and the monitor all give off a certain wavelength now this wavelength can be any type but it is a type of radiation. It is worse if you use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse, controller, or keyboard, because these will add more radiation; if you use a Bluetooth headset it is by far more damaging because the wavelength goes straight to your ears and brain.

  6. Overall being Your overall wellbeing is the most important thing you possess. Now let us talk about what affects you physically before I get into what affects you psychologically. Physically (internally) you will eat more now you may think this is not a bad thing, but it is; you play games and don’t exercise where does the excess food go to? You are merely feeding the radiation which will affect your internal organs because when you use your hands you gather radiation then eat food using your hands and the food now contains radiation. Radiation now travels to your liver and stomach and so forth. Radiation holds up in your bones and cannot be removed, if you notice majority of games slouch their back that is due to radiation toxicity making your bones weaker. Now for externally your vision will decrease substantially, you will lose hair, pigmentation, injuries will take longer to heal and they will turn into scars.

What happens when you stop playing video games?

You will find that when a person stops any type of addiction it is one of the hardest things a person can do. It is like losing a part of yourself, or like something is missing. It takes three days for your brain to notice a difference in your daily life. In these three days it will be a challenge for any person. You must change your environment, avoid things that may trigger a craving. I remember when I quit playing video games, I would watch documentaries on YouTube.

Now the thing with YouTube is that almost every advertisement is about the new Mobile Legends Bang Bang which is in fact a mobile version of League of Legends. My craving to play would start, the way I deal with this craving is to find an alternate hobby. Your hobby can be anything that is beneficial to your life and wellbeing. I took up playing the harmonica, listening to music, and exercise.

After a few days your body will naturally detox itself and you will feel more alive. You will eat better, have more energy, and even think a lot clearer. At the end of the day you will realize that video games was a burden to you yourself and may never want to go back to it. It takes self-discipline and determination to achieve this. It will not be easy, but it is 100% worth it. Use self-control to its maximum capacity and you will live your life; not the video game living your life.

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