by Charmain

"Your WISH, is my COMMAND."

"Whatever you wish for, I will treat as a command, and will effect."

Who believes that whatever human wish for, it will happen? Often, these quotes will be used in movies and song lyrics. But have you really thought to yourself that whatever you wish for or manifest, it will happen (whether good or bad)?

Let me share this with you, based on my own experience.

Few days back, I was assigned with a task. I need to complete all my artwork a day before the event. Therefore, I was given 24 hours to do everything (including printing and binding). To tell you the truth, the whole artwork takes only 1 and a half hour to finish, but it took me more than 6 hours to complete it (Can you believe that?!) and at the end, my artwork was not accepted and I fail to present my artwork.

So, I ask myself why, why did I fail to present my artwork and why was I not performing well?

"Why does it took more than 6 hours to complete it when the artwork can be done within one and a half hour?" "I have so many ideas, but why does it went blank when I am about to do my artwork?" "Why do I fail to complete my artwork?" "Why do I have anxiety?"

It's not because I have a bad day or bad luck or someone curse me or jinx me. It's because I doubted myself with my own thoughts. I created my own obstacles and problems to myself.

Do you know that, DOUBT is the biggest curse to all human race?

I doubted myself when I was doing my artwork. 

" Wah, it's already 12pm. I have a gathering to attend at 4.20pm. HOW?! Can I finish before 4.20pm? " . I DOUBT. " OMG, It's already 2pm. I haven't finish the second page yet. HOW?!" I DOUBT. " Can I finish it by 4.20pm, latest by 6pm?" I DOUBT. " I must finish it before 7pm. So that, no one will be angry at me." I DOUBT. " Are they angry at me, because I delayed my work?" I DOUBT " SHIT. Not sure if they like my design. Maybe I should change the color and the wordings, then they will accept it. What if they don't? " I DOUBT. " Not sure if my artwork is okay." I DOUBT.

You know what is the worst part? I DOUBTED myself, and after that I hold the guilt in me and I blame myself.

Guess what happens when you doubt yourself, your own brain? Whatever that I doubted, it happens. I cannot finish my artwork and my laptop battery went flat when I was in the midst of doing my artwork. I have to go back and charge my laptop (which actually wasted a lot of time). My artwork was not accepted and it failed because I wasn't really performing well. Annnddddd... my artwork was not okay. Worst still, I told myself that my work can be done within an hour, but I still doubt myself if I can finish it within an hour. How funny is that?! I contradict my own thoughts.


Because I was so afraid of being scolded by my superior due to the delay of my work. Without me being aware of it, the fearful thought of being scolded keeps replaying over and over again, in my head. WHATEVER I am afraid or worried of , it actually happened to me. My work delayed, and it cannot be finished. And, my artwork was not accepted by my superior. I got scolded because of not performing well in my work.

When I hold the guilt in me and blame myself constantly, my thoughts transmit the stress signals to my body without me being aware of it. In return, my body react to the signals by giving me injuries, pain, and even minor accidents too!!

How DANGEROUS can it be DANGEROUS, when you manifest the wrong things and feed the wrong and negative thoughts?  IT'S ALL DONE BY YOUR HYPOTHALAMUS (the most crucial part of our brain). If you constantly feeding your negative thoughts in you brain, it will act according what you thought.

Let's say you went to Tesco and buy groceries, the current market price for a packet of EVERYDAY milk powder is roughly RM43. Then you say "WAH! So expensive! Tesco things are so expensive". Because you sent your thoughts and you said it, the stocks in Tesco are always expensive to you whenever you want to buy groceries in Tesco. 

Same goes to your positive thoughts.

Let's say you have an unidentified pain on your shoulder for many weeks. But, you told yourself(Your body and mind) that there is no pain on your shoulder and you are able to do your work normally without any problems. 

TRUST ME, you will be amazed how powerful your mind is.

That is why, there is an old saying " Be careful what you wish for."

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