How to assess Dirty Electricity in your environment

There are several methods available to reduce dirty electricity, such as filters from Stetzer or Greenwave. However, these are often not adequate to properly filter the dirty electricity coming into a home and many EMF consultants advise against using them (read this article for a technical description of why). Special whole-house filters can do a better job, but even they will not completely reduce these frequencies. The best method is to find the sources (either in your home or from the grid) and try to eliminate them. Installing solar power on your home is definitely not a good idea if you are concerned about dirty electricity (unless you only use DC and forgo the DC to AC inverter).

Here are four ways to measure dirty electricity on your home electrical system:

  • Radio Shack Am Radio: My favorite simple detector of powerline harmonics is a basic AM radio. You turn the AM dial all the way to the left (530 KHz) and the radio will show you a difference in static based on changes in the electromagnetic environment. This is especially good for detecting dirty electricity in a home. Listen to the sound of the static outside on the lawn or in a park (it should be relatively mild). Then walk into the home. If you hear a noticeable change/increase in the static sound, then the prospective home has DE issues. It will also help you determine if there are wiring errors or other issues that will need to be cleaned up before the home is considered healthy. This process can also be used in a car to detect EMI that is being generated when the car is running/in motion. I recommend the older Radio Shack AM/FM Model 12-467. You can usually find one on eBay for about $10-$20. Most of the newer models, like the 12-586, have static suppression technology when you are not on a station. This completely makes the AM radio useless for purposes of picking up EMF disturbances like dirty electricity.

  • EMF Dirty Electricity Meter/Graham-Stetzer Meter: This meter measures the harmonics or dirty electricity on your home’s electrical wiring. It measures this in its own Graham-Stetzer (GS) units. It states that the readings are ideally below 50 GS units. However, this is quite rare and I find that homes with readings below 200 GS are usually safe for most people. If the home has readings above this or that max out the meter at 2,000 GS units, then some sort of power line filtering is definitely needed. This meter picks up frequencies in the range from 10 KHz to 100 KHz.

  • Alpha Labs Line EMI Meter/Line Noise EMI Meter: This meter is much like the Graham-Stetzer meter. It measures the harmonics or dirty electricity on the electrical lines of your home. However, this meter measures a much wider range of frequencies and translates these frequencies into milliVolts (mV) or Volts. It measures line frequencies from 2 KHz to 10 MHz, which is multiple orders of magnitude wider than the Stetzer meter. I like this meter better because it uses a measurement unit (milliVolts) that is accepted by engineers everywhere. Acceptable readings are generally between 200 and 400 mV (some EHS people need readings below 100 mV). High readings are over 800 mV and can reach 1,500 to 2,000 mV when solar technology is used on your home or a nearby home. It also has a sound function. Greenwave sells their own dirty electricity filters that will lower the line harmonics in the electric field within this range (the filters may increase the harmonics on the magnetic field component though). As I mention in this article, there are many other things that I recommend you do within a home to lower the dirty electricity levels before using the filters. You can get the Line EMI Meter for $117 by using the code EMFA-10 at checkout.

  • Use an Oscilloscope or Spectrum Analyzer: The following video shows how this can be accomplished by an EMF professional. It also shows the use of the Graham-Stetzer meter. The PicoScope 2200 Series Oscilloscope is a great option for the price. Contact me if you would like to learn how to use this device.

The solution to reduce Dirty Electricity

Steps you can take to protect your home from harmful electric fields:

  • Get rid of electric blankets, water bed, and electric heating pads which are all conductors of electricity.

  • Purchase shielded, grounded extension cords and power cords to be used in your home.

  • Alter your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude necessities (i.e. smoke detector, alarm, fridge) and then switch off your circuit breaker at night for a restful sleep.

  • Hire a professional EMF consultant to give you tailor-made recommendations to make your bedroom and/or home a safer place.

Tips for removing magnetic fields from your home include:

  • Start by getting a read on the levels of magnetic field in your home by using an EMF meter with Gauss meter mode such as the Cornet ED88T EMF meter.

  • Use battery-powered alarm clocks instead of ones you plug into an outlet.

  • Leave at least eight inches of space between your bed and your wall because wiring (even in walls) can still emit a significant magnetic field that you don’t want to be sleeping in.

  • If your bedroom is located right next to the utility pole, position your bed as such so that it is a good six feet away from this strong magnetic field source.

  • The refrigerator and home entertainment center are often the biggest producers of magnetic fields in your home. If your bedroom is situated right next to the kitchen or the home theatre set, be sure to place your bed on the opposite side of the room so you can establish a safe distance.

  • When it comes to radio frequency radiation, here are some helpful steps you can take:

  • Turn off your cell phone and keep it out of your room at night. When you’re not using your cell phone, put it on airplane mode, so it is not in communication with cell towers.

  • Forget about using Bluetooth headsets no matter how convenient you think they are. A simple set of earphones will do the trick. Or better yet, use speaker mode and keep your phone as far away from your body as practical.

  • Don’t use your cell phone when you’re in a car or in public transportation. The radio frequency radiation bounces around and can continuously bombard you with harmful radiation.

  • If you’re using a laptop at home, avoidusing Wi-Fi and opt for hard-wired Ethernet connections instead. It’s also best to avoid using a cordless phone as it is also a wireless device. Opt to have conversations on a landline instead of putting your cell phone up to your head for long periods of time.

  • To go a step further you can purchase a radio frequency meter. This will give you readings as to the exposure levels in your home and enable you to pinpoint EMF hotspots.

  • To ensure that your house remains a clean electricity zone, start by reducing or eliminating the use of problem appliances such as dimmer switches, wireless products, printers, scanners, computers, television sets, and energy-saving devices.

  • Also, it’s a good option to replace all compact fluorescent light bulbs (“curly wurly” form) with incandescent lights (preferably full spectrum) as these are the healthiest light bulbs to have in your home.

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