Understanding about YOUR epigenetic habits

Are you living your own life?

Have you inherited habits from your parents?
Did you inherit their thoughts?
Did you inherit their problems?
Are you living your own life?

Or have you inherited the life path from your ancestors? 

All these questions are now valid questions due to the new study called epigenetic. 

Epigenetic says your DNA reading can change according to environmental factors, as well as the experiences that you choose in your life.  



What does this mean? This means that as you grow older, you might be forming a life path according to the one that you have inherited from someone.  

Let me give you an example which is now unfortunately all too common. You see a young girl who got herself into an abusive relationship. When you question her further, you discover that her father used to abuse her mother and the same goes to her grandparents.  

In this situation, would you believe me when I say that the girl has inherited her problems from her parents and grandparents? This means that her life path was formed to be that way, because that's the same kind of experience that she grew up in.  

Take the same girl and put her in another family which has strong values and a loving relationship. The girl will see her life changes in such a way that she starts to attract good men who are loving instead of abusive.  

Why is this so? 

Because research now shows that your body's genes and DNA readings, respond to stimuli outside the body. And they will behave according to the experiences taught to it.  

This is why sometimes we see people are unable to get out of their problems. Because they are still "in" the problem. It's a vicious cycle indeed. But intervention is needed in order to drastically change the person's life. Because the body learns from its surroundings and automatically charts your life path.  

So now, as yourself a question.

Are you living your own life? Or has your body charted a path according to the experiences you have exposed it to? 

Understand yourself. Chart your life path and compare it to the rest of your family. Observe whether you can see any similar patterns. Discover your own epigenetic code and take actions to change your life to a better one. Stop unconsciously living someone else's life and start living your own life. 

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