Dirty Electricity

SWO has been conducted numerous studies on Dirty Electricity, and also the biological effects of Dirty Electricity. SWO has then successfully completed its research on Dirty Electricity (DE) and has shifted its focus on creating and raising public health awareness on the biological effects of DE. SWO has also develop practical solutions on minimizing and mitigating the biological effects of DE on human body. 

Dirty Electricity or better known as electrical noise is a type of environment pollution that is plaguing Malaysians today.

This phenomena does not only affect our country. It is actually a major problem faced by developed countries all over the world. Although awareness is not there in the mainstream media, one just needs to Google the terms “Dirty Electricity” or “Electricity Noise” to discover how this pollution impacts our daily lives without us realizing it.

As we advance in city development and technologies, we rely more and more on electrical and electronic items to conduct our daily activities. These items emit electromagnetic radiation which is dangerous for our health and has been classified as ‘2B Carcinogen’ by World Health Organization.


Little did you know that our body runs on electrical impulses and these external electromagnetic waves can can confuse our body’s signalling pathways. In some individuals, it could even create havoc in the body and lead to symptoms that could be misdiagnosed as incurable diseases.


When a human’s body is confused with interference from unecessary electromagnetic waves in its surroundings, it’s not able to rejuvenate itself as it naturally could.

SWO puts high emphasis on helping people to achieve a fulfilling life and maintaining a healthy mindset in order to do so. Our solution is aimed to help the brain achieve its optimum capabilities. That is, to think productively and be calm and relax when it needs to. Many people are not able to relax their mind when they should, hence their body is not able to go into relax and repair mode. This is a basic concept that eludes the common society today. We are not able to balance ourselves achieving what we want in life and helping our body to run efficiently.

We aim to provide an environment with least interference from electrical noise and electromagnetic waves to help everyone achieve more productive and fulfilling life.

Researcher’s estimate that stress contributes to as many as 80 percent of all major illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, endocrine, and metabolic disease, skin disorders, and infectious ailments of all kinds.

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