The dangers of cellphone radiation

Many people are concerned that cell phone radiation will cause cancer or other serious health hazards. The weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.

On the topic of cell phone radiation and safety, the says:


Is is really as simple as that?

Nope! The FDA has, once again, put public safety on a low priority, given the following research on cell phone radiation:

  • Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation (RF). RF has been shown to damage cellular DNA, which may lead to cancerous mutations. Even low-level RF exposure causes the body to create heat stress proteins, a temporarily protective measure that is harmful if this stress response is chronic.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cell phone radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen – the same class as the pesticide DDT and lead!

  • According to the Environmental Working Group, childrens’ brains absorb twice the amount of cell phone radiation as adults’ brains (source)

  • Studies on the health effects of cell phone radiation have mixed results. But does funding bias contribute to the controversial results?  This study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal found that industry-funded research was vastly more likely to show no health effects (72% – no effect, 28% – effect) versus independently-funded research (67% – effect, 33% – no effect).

  • As recorded in the book Zapped, Dr. Ronald Herberman, M.D., a director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, said, “Although the evidence is controversial, I am convinced that there are sufficient data to  warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone use.” He counseled his staff to limit the amount of time they spend on their cell phones and to avoid making calls in public places “where you can passively expose others to your phone’s electromagnetic fields.”

  • The BioInitiative Report has compiled up-to-date research on the effects of EMFs and RFs. According to the document, which can be viewed here (PDF), “The great strength of the BioInitiative Report ( is that it has been done independent of governments, existing bodies and industry professional societies that have clung to old standards. Precisely because of this, the BioInitiative Report presents a solid scientific and public health policy assessment that is evidence-based.”

  • According to the BioInitiative report, “Roughly, 1800 new studies have been published [between 2007 and 2012] reporting effects at [radiation/EMF] exposure levels ten to hundreds or thousands of times lower than allowed under safety limits in most countries of the world.”

What is inside your mobile phone?

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