Science & Wellness Organization (SWO) is a non-profit organisation who dedicates 90% of its time and effort in focusing on research and developing solutions to improve the lives and health of mankind; while the remaining 10% is to raise awareness and giving back to the community because every lives matter



Science and Wellness Organization (SWO) was registered as a non-profit organization in 2012.  The main charter of SWO is to conduct research and develop practical solution to address the many facets of human issues, including disease, social ills, family conflicts, and mental health. 

SWO partners with local and international specialized laboratories and create concept solutions to be used by the general public. 

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SWO mission is about people, and our work is for people. The most important resource that we succeed in our mission is the amazing people who work for, with and in conjunction with SWO. We want to thank all our volunteers, staff, committee, funding partners, donors for their dedication, tenacity and selflessness in helping us to improve their health and lives of mankind. 

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