by Chris Kok

This horoscope is not looking pretty for 2013; in fact it is about to get ugly….really ugly. The Sun is flipping its magnetic field at its peak of its 11-year solar cycle – what is known as “solar maximum”. So what does this mean? During solar maximum, the sun is at its most violent state in terms of solar flares and as a result of this, earth is most vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse during this period. Scientists for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have said that the Sun would reach its most intense period this year and well into next.

Solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun and appears as a very bright spot of gaseous surface eruption as depicted on the photo in this bulletin. It releases a huge amount of high energy particles (radiation) and gases that are tremendously hot which are ejected into space. These high energy particles travel in the form of high electromagnetic waves and can interrupt all forms of modern communication and electrical equipment.

In 2012 a geomagnetic storm interfered with satellites and caused disruptions to airline communications and GPS for a few days and in 1859, a solar super storm (also known as the “Carrington Event”) knocked out all telegraph systems over Europe and North America and it was reported that some telegraph pylons threw sparks! The largest coronal mass ejection (CME) in 1859 took only 17.6 hours to hit earth causing the destruction of the telegraph systems.

Setting aside the potential devastation of solar flares to modern day equipment, the more alarming concern is the threat of solar flares on human health and psyche. The easiest way of understanding how this can happen is to recognize the fact that our body has its own magnetic field and our body is filled with positive and negative charge. As such, the huge amount of high energy waves from a solar flare would directly interfere with our body’s magnetic field.

Scientists around the world have observed that solar activity has a distinct influence on human health and psyche. Solar flares affect the body’s central nervous system, brain activity and mental, emotional and physical response (psycho-physiological response).

Some of the common symptoms of the effects of solar activity on the human body are as follows:

• Feeling agitated
• Uneasy/restless
• Feeling depressed
• Frustrated
• Feeling deep grief
• Irritable
• Nausea/lethargy
• Unusual dreams/dream patterns
• Ringing in ears
• Throat discomfort
• Body aches
• Mood swings
• Temperamental
• Dizziness
• Recollection of past undesired memories


If you experience any of the symptoms in recent days, it is likely the result of the solar activities that is ongoing. The most recent super flare that prompted NASA to issue a warning happened on Tuesday morning at 4.24 EDT and is moving towards earth at
3 million mph.


Here is what you need to do to protect yourself from the devastating effects of the solar flare:


Water does have the ability to help counter the disruptions from these electromagnetic waves that is interfering with the gravitation of the earth (which has a direct impact on the body’s magnetic field balance). Placing a piece of silver coin in a brass container filled with water and placing that on the floor at the northeast corridor and the same on the west corridor of your house (at the ground floor) would help to balance the gravity of the house. If you happen to own a double storey home, place the same water-filled brass container (with a silver coin) on the floor of the upper floor at the southeast corridor. The water-filled brass container and silver coin would divert the solar waves away and discharge it to the ground. This helps to deflect the direct impact of the solar waves on your body.

Place a piece of silver coin into a brass container filled with water. Place this at the ground at the Northeast corridor of your house.


Whilst balancing the gravity at home helps to deflect the electromagnetic waves, we would still be exposed to the impact of the solar flares when we leave home. In order to remove the trapped electromagnetic waves from our body, bathe your body with water that is mixed with coconut juice every day. All you need to do is mix some coconut juice (from unrefrigerated fresh young coconut) into a pail of water and use it for the last rinse during your daily shower. Leave the “coconut juice–water” mixture on your body for approximately 2 – 3
minutes before rinsing off with water.

During shower, it would be beneficial to gently massage your chest. This would help to remove the trapped pressure that is built up at the chest. Also, to further mitigate the ill effects of the solar flare, drink fresh young coconut juice every day.

Please take note of the information we have shared in this bulletin. You would not want to live each day of your life wondering why you feel like a zombie; feeling tired, unsettled, moody, indecisive, demotivated, irritable, sluggish and mentally sapped. Above all, you would not want to risk the long term health effects of the exposure to these harmful solar energy. By the way, carrying an umbrella doesn’t help!


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